Welcome to Mosi Flowers

Mosi flowers grow some of the best fresh cut roses in the world. We have been able to achieve this by combining a number of elements i.e. motivated work force, excellent work environment, with the combination of a pristine location to produce the kind of roses we produce. .

Our flowers

  • Sunbeam roses
  • Akito white roses
  • Mariel clairre roses
  • Valentino roses

Our Farms

  • Mosi Flowers has been in operation since 1992 this operation began as a 4 ha farm lying at about 1400 meters above sea level.
Key Highlights & News
  • Been in existence for over 15 years
  • Growing some of the best cut roses
  • Employing over 200 staff
  • High employee welfare
  • Environment care
  • Highly corporate socially responsible